Workshop WO05

Dementia Friendly Japan Initiative (DFJI), Alzheimer's Association Japan (AAJ) and World Young Leaders in Dementia (WYLD)

Assessment of Dementia–Friendly Communities: How to Assess and Promote Dementia–Friendliness in Each Community 


Room D (first floor)


Yoshiyuki Kawano (Japan)


Yoshiyuki Kawano (University of Tsukuba/DFJI/WYLD, Japan)
Yumiko Kaneko (AAJ–Niigata Branch, Japan)
Ryoma Kayano (WHO Kobe Centre, Japan)
Toshiyuki Ojima (Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan)
Kazuyuki Hirao (Kyoto Bunkyo University/AAJ/DFJI/WYLD, Japan)
Kristine Newman (Ryerson University/WYLD, Japan)
Miharu Nakanishi (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science/DFJI/WYLD, Japan)


Creating a dementia–friendly community can be realized and promoted when multisectoral collaboration and effort exist among all community members with diverse backgrounds.  This workshop is aimed to understand how to assess and promote dementia–friendliness in a community in order to create and accerelate such ideal collaboration.
(1) Reporters from various groups which have been working on the development of assessment indicators share their experience and thoughts.
(2) The reporters will exchange views based on the topics provided in the 1st part and help the participants understand the key points of the challenge in the creation and promotion of dementia–friendliness in a community and enrich their understanding of and approach to the dementia–friendliness. The participants will learn a comprehensive perspective on the methodology of the assessment of dementia–friendly communities and understand the necessity of potential and sustainable next steps to steadily move forward on the creation and promotion of dementia–friendliness.

Programme subject to change.