Workshop WO01

Dementia Alliance International Workshop

Diagnosed with Dementia: What Next?


Room D (first floor)

Chair and Speaker

Kate Swaffer (Australia)
John Sandblom (United States)


In this workshop, members of Dementia Alliance International will provide an outline of the experience of being diagnosed with dementia, and what it is like living with dementia. It will outline the current models of care, and contrast it with a pathways of support that includes disability support and rehabilitation, in line with a human rights based approach to dementia. During the workshop, there will be opportunities for people with dementia, families, researchers and health care professionals to ask questions to a panel of people with dementia. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to work in small groups on specific topics to enhance their understanding of the lived experience of dementia. 

Workshop WO02

Five Stakeholder Groups in Japan

Living Well with Dementia: Role of Stakeholder Groups   


Room D (first floor)


Dr. Akira Honma (Director, Otafuku Memory Clinic, Japan)


Michi Ito: Japan Liaison Committee of Family Groups of the Early-Onset Dementia and Its Supporters

Pro. Masatoshi Tsudome: Executive Director, The National Network of Male Carers and Supporters 

Representative: Japan Dementia Working Group 

Kaoru Nagasawa: President, Dementia with Lewy Body Support Network Tokyo

Yasuo Tabei:Vice-President, Alzheimer's Association Japan

Fumiatsu Sugino: ADI 2017 Local Organizing Committee, Alzheimer’s Association Japan

 DY Suharya: Regional Director, ADI Asia Pacific Regional Office


Dementia includes a wide range of issues and each person with dementia and their carers have their own needs. There are many stakeholder groups which act to meet their own specific goals. Some groups center on people with younger onset dementia, while others focus on people with other forms of dementia, such as dementia caused by specific diseases such as Lewy body dementia. Also some groups focus on family carers or male carers, while others focus on people with dementia themselves. However, a common purpose of all the groups is to build a dementia-friendly society where everyone thinks about dementia as one’s own issue and people with dementia and their carers can live well. To achieve this goal, collaboration between these groups is essential. This workshop will be run by five stakeholder groups and will feature an international keynote speaker and aims to clarify the role of each stakeholder group and the challenges they face and then to discuss the future tasks.



--Stakeholders: People living with dementia, their families and their supporters/partners

--Stakeholder groups: Groups or organizations formed and run by stakeholders

Programme subject to change.